Requesting a referral

Self referrals

There are a number of services locally that you are able to make self referrals to.

GP referrals

To request a GP referral:

  • fill out a referral request form
  • phone us on 0161 226 7615 or 0161 256 4488 or visit the surgery

Provide as much information as you can as this will help us to process your request. Please note that you may need to make an appointment for new issues – we will tell you in this case.

Tracking a referral

NHS Care Gateway

Many of the referrals sent by the surgery are electronic and use the NHS Care Gateway. You can expect to receive a telephone call or letter within 3 weeks. If you have not heard from them in this time, please contact:


Telephone: 0161 947 0770


View further information on how to track your referral

To track a referral, you can also fill out a track a referral form

Patient Choice – a new system for some patients who have waited 40+ weeks.

A new system is being set up where some patients who have waited a long time for planned hospital care or treatment can request to move provider. For further information please visit Alternative choice | Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership (

Urgent Referrals

If you were told by your doctor that your referral was an urgent referral to check for cancer, you should receive details of your appointment within 2 weeks. Please make contact with us if you have not.

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